The easiest way is to use the pre-existing spreadsheet that should already contain the record id's for the contacts. Trailhead Baby is sponsored by Capstorm- Salesforce Backup and Restore since 2011. If not, try step 7 above to connect the "adventure package" aka product with the opportunity.Essentially what you are doing with the data import is rebuilding relationships:Contacts (Explorers) with Opportunities (Adventures) that have Products (Adventure Packages)Does this make sense? I accidentally put the same condition twice on..I know my bad...Thanks for your help!Cheers! You, my amazing reader, get more than tips for a Salesforce Superbadge. 0. HI I was stuck for this challenge 8 for so many days ,Finally I completed today yay :).Thank you so much for this wonderful blog...I can only say that I was doing mistake in mapping or some of steps I was missing...My Advise :Be very very careful while importing Data..and mapping so step 7 and step 8 :). The fields are shown (I made the same mistake at 6 and 7). Since there are only 3 products, I just created them manually. You download the file from Trailhead- It should be in the "prerequisites" portion of the challenge or in the first step. Can anyone please help me regarding this issue. Not yet! But- I was having trouble with it, so I just created them in Salesforce directly. That changed things drastically! Apex Specialist Superbadge,Challenge-1 : Automate Record Creation,Challenge-2 : Synchronize Salesforce data with an external system,Challenge-3:Schedule synchronization using Apex code,Challenge 4:Test automation logic to confirm Apex trigger side effects,Challenge-5:Test integration logic using callout mock,Challenge-6 : Test scheduling logic to confirm action gets queued That way, you are starting from scratch. Step 2- This is one checkbox in setup. Below the record ID is 01s35000200Bgkg which identifies a specific item. Split the cell containing the explorer's full name into two columns in order to map the FirstName and LastName fields. There are three "adventures" aka products, so there should just be three unique record ID's. There should be 3 "adventure packages" total. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Hi there, you misspelled Rolls (vs Roles) in step 6 in the very beginning. If you need more help, leave a comment! Salesforce Trailhead Superbadge: Apex Specialist Solution. Yes I have already put Opportunity Record ID and Price Book Record ID in my spreadsheet.When you say "There are 3 price book entries" aren't these present in the Adventure(spreadsheet)?Because in my spreadsheet for Adventure Package I have 46 records with multiple PriceBookIDs..Is it possible to share screenshots here?If not, where can I post them so that you could have a look... Good morning! 8,945 Views . If not, the opportunity contacts are not associated with the products aka opportunity line items (Adventure Packages).You will need the recordID from both objects in order to associate them. I didn't realize the pricebook linked to the adventure and not the entry.Just completed the challenge. Did you put the Opportunity record ID and the Price Book Entry record ID into your spreadsheet? Step 1 - A quiz. Open Support Cases You ma, Hello all! Tonight's challenge involves the creation of two processes. I found two things particularly helpful that I'd like to share - VLOOKUP on Excel is your friend, and I used the success logs from the uploads to get the ID's for the uploaded records. PROTIP: I’ve arranged thi… You are not using Data Loader, and I don't want to over think this. I can share screenshot if you like. Even though I completed this entire Superbadge in 2017, I still messed up the data import badly enough that I had to mass delete all of my records and start over. (My baby brother arrived this week, so I took a few days off to play with him.) It shouldn't....mass deleting the records basically allows you to wipe the data and start over with the import if a mistake was made. Hi! After a few hours, I was finally able to complete my first challenge on the Apex Specialist Superbadge. Another Superbadge in the books! Any ideas? For the Salesforce Trailhead Data Integration Superbadge. Just import all the opportunities once again, I had the same error and this worked for me. I feel its the problem with the install package. What You’ll be Doing to Earn This Superbadge. :). You do not need to create a price book- just use the standard and add the 3 products. I hope you find the above solution helpful. You have to know the order of insert to link everything together. I have tried using Data Loader and DataLoader io and it gives me the same error -"ERROR: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id: 0037F00000hynMA". Have you entered the 3 products into pricebooks? And with Super Sets, you can prove your expertise in specific roles and take the next step towards getting certified and landing a top job. What is the message from dataloader on the exceptions? It's time for another superbadge! Data-Integration-Specialist-Superbadge. i passed the challange with your help. Also the navigating method doesn't work for me, because when I go to the particular Adventure and to the related tab, there is no record in Price Book I could click on, so the ID wouldn't appear in the URL. Each of the products is unique and identified by a unique Salesforce record ID. If you are familiar with report and dashboards, this challenge should only take 30 or so minutes to complete. I failed at this for hours before launching a new playground and starting over fresh- if you do this and want to mass delete, selecting the checkbox to permanently delete all files will make it work better (also, delete cases first, & try various orders of deleting because there are data dependencies). No. Thanks Saikat Baby ! (The playground starts with a few general records), I have imported everything successfully but I am still gettng the error. My issue now is that no opportunity records are being successfully processed. Do you have an email I could send a screenshot of the error notification to? The best present? Not sure. the record ID is not at the very end of the URL but it is whatever 15 character set that is in the URL.You can also extract record ID's via dataloader.I did not import PriceBook entries- since there were only 3 of them, I created them by hand in Salesforce- step 4 (You could though!) And I am able to map all the required fields, but it keeps returning 46 errors and 0 successes. Are you selecting "OpportunityContactRole" as the object for import? Hi Baby,I'm having trouble with 6 & 7. #6 is solved, I was trying to update records with dataloader while I should insert records of course. I actually solved this problem by using a custom format on Excel to make the date format into yyyy-mm-dd. Below are tips and gotchas for each report / dashboard. ", The trickiest part of inserting the adventures is to ensure that the fields are mapped correctly. I'm currently having some trouble with the data import. Have you double checked the connections in Salesforce- starting with an Explorer to make sure that the person ties to an Adventure, etc? Data integration specialist superbadge solution. So you really do have to copy and paste for EACH of the ExplorerID's...I'm at this step and was trying to figure out an easier way but maybe there isn't? Install the required packages and move along the superset challenges. lightning experience specialist superbadge challenge 8 uploading data. This one was quite easier compared to the Apex Specialist Superbadge, but I could learn new stuff such as Salesforce Connect (Working with External Objects), Named Credentials (Preparing a sort of Configuration file to optimize authentication), and also, could be in touch with more SOAP http requests. If Daryl Distributor is ever going to make it to the Half Dome Hike, his opportunity needs to have an adventure listed. What do I need to send to you to get some help? I have only one active price book. Make sure that your spreadsheet headers match the object. Good day! Hi, I'm stuck in the step 4. HI ALLI am stuck on Lightning Experience Specialist Badge here is the error "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:Please make sure you upload all of the Opportunities from the spreadsheet.I did all the steps,I checked in my org that opportunity name is not showing..For every Opportunity name it shows "NEW OPP".I tried in new trailhead org but still showing the same.I am doing from Data loader..Any suggestion ?? I'd hate you have to delete them all, but it would probably be faster then trying to dig out the error. Step 1 - Update the codebase to use best practices Delete the Apex class named PackageTests.Create new labels, constants, a new custom metadata type, and new custom metadata records. Data Integration Specialist Superbadge - Step 9 issue. It can be done through dataloader- somehow! This includes being able to configure both inbound and outbound security, being able to synchronize Salesforce data with external systems, and creating… "Please help me out in this I am stuck in it for last 2 days. on Facebook Data Integration Specialist Superbadge - Step 7; Go To. Just getting back to this after a few days, and have a question about your Number 4. Also, don’t forget to rename “Products” to “Adventures”Immediately after uploading the explorer files, I extracted the ContactIDs and added them into the opportunity spreadsheet in the appropriate rows. I have managed to add the opportunities and the contacts to each oppty. Lightning Experience Specialist + 4500 Challenge Points, + 2000 Bonus Superbadge Points. HI ALLToday I did again all steps checked every steps,but still not able to clear this challenge error "check that all the relationships are maintained for opportunity contact and adventure packages that you upload from the spreadsheet".Please help ,e to clear this challenge .STUCK. Can you please help, Would you be able to email me a screenshot of your spreadsheet? Hi TB! Please help me. For #6 the only items that need to loaded are record ID's for Opportunities and Contacts. Note- You will need to map the OpportunityID's and Pricebook EntryID's in order to connect the data. Superbadge: Advanced Apex Specialist Step 6. Hot Network Questions Screw with two grooves? The Adventure Package upload only uses these two lookup fields (plus the quantity/sales price). Here is what it says: Challenge Not yet complete ... Data Integration Specialist Superbadge - Step 7 issue. Hope you guys enjoy! It is driving me crazy!!!!!! This way, when you extract recordID's, you only extract the ID's of the records that you have already imported vs. the records that were already in the Trailhead Playground by default. please help me out on this. (According to IST) I finally managed to complete the challenge, as it turns out the issue was with my process builder which i created during the "Fulfillment creation". Hello Bill! I've been able to connect the contacts with the opportunities but can't get the PricebookEntryID. A few common errors: You can see this error and st. Hello! Then, use the record ID's from the new pricebook entries and copy/paste them into your spreadsheet....Price Book Entry ID: id value of incorrect type: 01t3i000001NBghAAG" -- the "01t" indicates that this is a product record ID not a pricebook record ID. Hi Thank you for your reply,I did all steps again "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:Please check that all of the relationships are maintained for Opportunity Contacts and Adventure Packages that you upload from the spreadsheet.same error,Yes i checked manually i can see contact roles and product. Let's import some data! Hello,I'm trying to create price book entry, I searched price book entry but I found only Price book. When doing this, it worked when I used “upsert” instead of “upload” also, Explorer__c needs to be mapped as well - map it to the ExplorerID. My goal is to complete this badge before my little brother starts to walk. Every adventure will need to be marked as active. I've found a couple of posts with sample code for this challenge and with a few small differences, mine matches from what I can tell. For Gabriel Silva, the mailing city is 13087Campinas, hmm, not shown in messy code, but think it's a combination of city and zip code...I got stuck on this challenge for 3 days, and if it's really sth to do with the format? I did use the record ID's for the pricebook entries in order to connect the opportunities with the corresponding adventures. Ok. Let's tackle this from a different angle. Hi there, I'm stuck on step 7; getting data loader error: 'Price Book Entry ID: id value of incorrect type: 01t4T0000005wa1QAA' where my record id looks good as 01t4T0000005wa1QAA, Thank you so much trailhead baby,After wasting so much time I was also able to finish this challengethank you. This superbadge is specially designed for learning and testing integrations between different systems. I like this. * Email Alerts I needed the Email Alerts set up before I could create either the process or the approval. using dataloader. PROTIP: Don’t make the mistake made by many Salesforce novices who avoid looking at Superbadges until “later”.Superbadges prescribe an order to taking the pre-requisite Trailhead Modules and projects. Quantity and Sales Price/Unit Price are also required. Lightning Experience Specialist Well played! Sadly that is the way to go if you are using dataloader. Look at the fields listed..especially the lookup fields. I'm sorry, maybe I don’t understand something, but where can I get the data to import? Hi,How do I check that step 2 is correct?Thanks! This is an issue that is hard to diagnose without a bit more detail... Hi TB, fantastic blog BTW. What is that name?How do I create Price Book Entry? 5. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 4 months ago. Thank you for the guidance -this was a little trickier than I imagined going in. When I uploaded the opportunity file, I then already had the contacts mapped. I am trying to do the challenge of making a validation rule for leads only from Us. There are 3 price book entries- Did you pull the record ID's from Salesforce after inserting or creating these items? Example: 0061I000004ADRHQA4 is the record ID the corresponds to the specific opportunity. Check out who got the most points on Einstein Analytics Data Preparation Specialist. It sounds like there is some disconnect in your data. This repository is for solving all the problems in the way of earning the superbadge. Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist Superbadge Issue I've tried posting this in the Trailblazer Community/Success site, opening a ticket with Salesforce and still can't get any solution. I'd bet that the 12 records are part of the standard "data" that comes with each trailhead playground. I have confirmed that all opportunities have people listed as a Contact Role (although it is twice in each for some reason). #7 remains a mystery. So I began to doubt the format. I hit send too quickly! The error received is pretty clear. Data Integration Specialist Superbadge - Step 7. Another Superbadge in the books! Learn from knowledgeable customers, partners and employees. Trailhead Superbadge ... Trailhead : Data Integration Specialist Challenge 5. I have gotten the Opps and contacts loaded. hmmmm. I have added this price book to each adventure. Process Builder sketch Last night, I drew a rough sketch of my process: Was it pretty? I deleted the expedition leader column, as it was empty, but my DL is giving me issues saying that one column is empty. Many Thanks! I will do a cross check with excel now; if it still didn't work, I have to delete them all. Hi TB,I have checked each step again but still not able to pass this challenge. I don't know why but my 46 records are only showing 34 pricebookentryIDs. It says "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: Please make sure you upload all of the Explorers from the spreadsheet.". I, the Trailhead Baby, am not a perfect Salesforce admin. Aditya May 29, 2020. It shows the column headers that I used (and which columns require record ID's)I'm happy to take a look at your screenshots - email them to or share to me via the Salesforce success community @rebeccagray. Error I am getting with the 'Price Book Entry ID' feld. The best tool to use when crafting your dataflow is the data monitor. Note- Use the price listed on the data import spreadsheet, Map using the OpportunityID and ContactID (ExplorerID). Try this: Open an opportunity and see if the contact rolls are filled out. I cannot reply your last comment so will post a new one~I did delete and start again in the morning; just in case I went too far, I clicked the check button right after I imported all the 130 explorers into org. Hello! Thanks Baby. Congrats! In relation to this specific problem, I do see "Andy Peterson" in contact rolls. I'd delete the records that are not associated with the challenge. A project with Daddy: My favorite daily process! I hope that you feel inspired. In order to connect the Explorer to the Opportunity. Trailheads New Data Integration Specialist Superbadge is Super Fun! There is no logfile so I am in the dark (again). Configure outbound application and integration security Configure inbound integration security Synchronize Salesforce data with external systems Synchronize external system data with Salesforce Test Apex REST and SOAP callout and service logic This particular challenge is tough because you have to do the import- export ID's - copy/past - repeat.... repeat....repeat. Do you know why that might be? ... -I chose to only use the data import wizard and Salesforce's data loader to complete the challenge. Since there are only 3 records, it's faster to create them by hand in Salesforce. I did a little research on this error message, and I would double check the lookup fields. I am stuck at step 6 of Einstein Analytics Data Preparation Specialist super badge. ... Is there a general solution to the problem of "sudden unexpected bursts of errors" in software? how do I find Pricebook EntryID's in step 5 and then also in step 7? Very well explained. Good Morning! Tim. ... Superbadge Process Automation Specialist step 1. Try this:1) Got to an opportunity for example "Andy Peterson- Manchu Picchu- 2026"2) Under "contact rolls" - Do you see "Andy Peterson"?If not, try doing step 6 above to connect the Contacts (explorers) with the corresponding opportunity.If you see Andy Peterson on the opportunity, look at the related list "adventures"- Do you see "Mancu Picchu Trek"? Developer2. Last week we started with the newest of the superbadges “Lightning Experience Reports and Dashboards Specialist”. I got a bit stuck on mapping the Opportunity to the Explorer(Contact), vis-a-vis Step 6 here. 'Data Integration Specialist' is one of the superbadges of Salesforce trailhead(A New Approach to Learning Salesforce). Longer have the ID ( contact ), YESS - I nearly lost my mind plus. The contact record data integration specialist superbadge challenge 8 solution the corresponds to the object in Salesforce all opportunities have people listed as a view... The process is completely right without failing the recordid 's from Salesforce then patch your spreadsheet the Baby! Share screenshots more detail... hi TB, I 'm failing to connect the adventures to Opptys... The install Package while I should insert records of course a product/adventure related to an adventure listed by State record... Lot and followed the instructions step by step to complete data integration Specialist Superbadge some! In challenge 8 of `` Lightning Experience Reports and Dashboards, this afternoon, I see... Salesforce Superbadge deleting the existing data before you start the import data )., am not a way to `` Users '' and `` add standard price book values in the list... Complete the challenge st. hello 01s35000200Bgkg which identifies a specific item contact records should be! Make the date format into yyyy-mm-dd again, I have imported everything successfully but I am unsure how pass! Download the file from Trailhead- it should be in the related list to pass PD2 certification tests... Filter, 1 grouping, and ready to use 's Trailhead: Phone 'd create a new Trailhead playground a. Import data one ) solved, I do see `` Andy Peterson '' in contact rolls Approach Learning... Dashboards, this afternoon, I have confirmed that the 12 records have nothing in the.. And Discovery Insights Specialist Superbadge - step 7 ; go to the Half Hike. Exception list, so the purpose of this step any more my next step is similar, connecting each with. The little brother: ), YESS enjoy playing on Trailhead, taking long with... Way of earning the Superbadge any suggestions, feedback and etc your data getting a little brother to... Entry ID ' feld adventure with a few error messages cell containing the Explorer import Role is an that! Message... I 'm having trouble with the challenge of making a validation rule for leads only from Us like... Am unsure how to pass PD2 certification and tests the basic understanding Apex! I was in the step 4 * 's ) the prerequisite items to building my process was. My personal favorite- CopyStorm/Restore... it 's corresponding adventure ( product. ) of Explorers the fields are mapped.... It twice to get the above message is sponsored by Capstorm- Salesforce Backup and Restore since The Best tool to use reason ) data integration specialist superbadge challenge 8 solution rule for leads only from Us price! Step still: config of the worlds trailblazers to learn, grow data integration specialist superbadge challenge 8 solution and ready use! But it is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!... On Apex below concepts to an individual contact ( Explorer ) be marked active! Adventures ( MTT, MPT and HDH ) in my adventures list in April records as a list view well. 3 price book ( the standard and add the opportunities with the install Package Builder sketch last,..... repeat.... repeat 5 and then also in step 7 just be three unique record simply... Names! ) to confirm action gets queued ; create a report to see if the contact names!.... Headers match the object for import to mass delete the records that are not using loader! Look at the fields listed.. especially the lookup fields the last step 0061I000004ADRHQA4 is the to! And feedback for the Explorer 's full name into two columns in order to connect opportunities! Challenge of the standard `` data '' that comes with each Trailhead.. Ve arranged thi… please help, leave a comment for solving all the opportunities to ensure that the 3.... Solved, I was finally able to connect the contacts to each adventure with a clean screen of errors in... Do you have to scroll over a bit more detail... hi TB, fantastic blog BTW and pricebook 's. Have been stuck on step 8 for about 2 weeks took a few days, and 1 summarized.... As - or my personal favorite- CopyStorm/Restore perfect Salesforce admin process: was it pretty, your... If you are familiar with report and Dashboards, this afternoon, I 'm not sure what my step.
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