Some other “German” stainless is poured in Germany but actually milled in Italy, Spain or Portugal. Stainless Random Damascus 1911. Head Style: Stainless Steel Damascus M9. This MACHINE Features three different metals and finishes.This Custom Tidal Wave Damascus M9 head in our Silver Lining finish with a PROTOTYPE 1ST Generation 1018 Carbon Steel Flange with Racing Stripes in a Gun Blue Finish. The S style neck was a blend of stainless steel and Damascus welded together with wrap of the samurai sword. Rare. If I remember correctly, the Odyssey ones were about $2500 and the Cameron ones, which were limited to 23 or 25 pieces were about $15000. The Odyssey Damascus Putter its an extremely rare anser style putter from Odyssey Golf, only 15 pieces were produced and offered to select VIP accounts.An event was held in Japan and Mr. Toshi of Anserfreak a famous Japanese golf writer was able to snap these images with the putter in hand.. What is Damascus Steel? M10 - Fixer German stainless steel (G303). Precision Details! I'm sure they only look better in person. These swords are characterized by distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water, sometimes in a "ladder" or "rose" pattern. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. PXG Limited Edition damascus Steel Putter. True Damascus has a very high carbon content of 1-2% while most modern damascus used in putters has only a fraction of 1% and this in my opinion tarnishes the name Damascus. Debuting in 2005 with the Billet Block Copper (BBC) putters, the 009 design has been used sparingly for Tour only putters. Byron Morgan DH89 with Damascus steel head and welded stainless steel copper-finish neck. Head Style: 303 Solid Copper MINI M10 Adjuster. [/quote] Modern Damascus steel has been able to achieve a comparable strength and sharpness, and it has retained the attractive patterns, but most experts agree that there is likely a difference between ancient and modern Damascus steel.This is due to the difference in availability of materials and the fact that smiths must make their best guess in terms of the process used. Etched meaning acid etched to show the different layers of the metal. Toe Hang: Face Balanced with Double Bend Shaft, Head Weight: 370 Grams with Double Bend Shaft, Head Weight: 405 Grams with 1018 Carbon Plumbers Neck, Machine M9 Tidal Wave Damascus Prototype Mallet. Finally on May 29th 2010 the first and only Slighter Damascus Putter, made to 34”, head weight 350grams, 4 degrees loft, 71* lie angle, white paintfill, a stepless steel shaft and topped with a white grip master grip, found the putting surface. Spirograph Stainless Damascus Putter. × Used for only 3 rounds . Period! The folding of the two metals is what causes the patterns, swirls, grain in the final product. The theme of this putter is in honor of the United States Japanese 442 nd Regimental Combat Team. Purchased direct from PXG Rare Machine - See Price. Top of Herringbone Stainless Damascus Block. Silver Lining finish on the head. These will be engraved 1 of 4 and they are designed after the custom putter Bobby made for Jose Maria Olazabal . Ecommerce Software by Shopify. Super Rare - See Price. Right Hand. Damascus steel is just unfair.   Your link has been automatically embedded. The head of each putter will feature its own unique edition number, as … Limited edition, only 100 made, this putter is number 039. 69w. We’ll start taking advance orders next month or so for this in two editions. the blade face is very smooth, when I run my fingers over it I cannot detect any blemishes or grain, perfect CNC milled flat face, just total perfection ! I was wondering what the story is with these? They are certainly very unique. When LaMont Mann started with some raw steel and a grinding wheel in 1996, he didn’t envision starting a putter company- he just hadn't found his dream putter. This MACHINE Features a Custom Tidal Wave Damascus M14 PROTOTYPE Adjuster head with our Silver Lining Finish on Head and and Ocean Wave Damascus Hosel with a hand torched oil quenched finish. This MACHINE Features three different metals and finishes.This Custom Tidal Wave Damascus M9 head in our Silver Lining finish with a PROTOTYPE 1ST Generation 1018 Carbon Steel Flange with Racing Stripes in a Gun Blue Finish. This MACHINE Features a Custom German Stainless Steel M10 FIXER head with our natural Finish on Head and Hosel. Cleveland 588 RTX CB 52° w/ Nippon Modus Prototype C10 S Etching process and Damascus steel material apply on putter.-Keep an eye on the FA sample and collect the yield/cycle time/UPEH form PQP.-Make sure the product develop… -Responsible for golf head and club development from First Article, Qualification Torched Damascus Medallion with Birdie Logo. Placing pictures in damascus has now become commonplace, as I have seen bird-hunting scenes and the outlines of mammoths, shamrocks, dragons and countless other objects in blades. They certainly are really beautiful in person and can have some great swirls and lines. Finally on May 29th 2010 the first and only Slighter Damascus Putter, made to 34”, head weight 350grams, 4 degrees loft, 71* lie angle, white paintfill, a stepless steel shaft and topped with a white grip master grip, found the putting surface. Byron Golf Design 21574 Newland Street Huntington Beach, CA 92646 (920) 915-4320. I have a Tom Slighter Damascus Mini Custom putter and I game it. Display as a link instead, × See All Putters Special Select Please put any questions or comments here. gnicolls, February 13, 2011 in Putters. DAMASCUS STEEL ‘다마스커스 스틸’은 중세 시대 최고의 무기로 불리는 다마스커스 검에 사용된 소재로, 신비로운 문양과 뛰어난 강도로 명성이 널리 알려져 있습니다. S$ 170.89 shipping. Here are pics of my 2 Damascus Neads and how they are displayed. One off Prototype Flange to be used with a Machine M9. Not easy to make but we did it Baby. Carbon Steel finished in Hand Torch Oil Quench Finish. Milled into the flange were numerous Slighter Needle logos. MACHINE LIMITED Series Headcover no longer available from the Maufacturer. 100% machined from Carbon Steel and high glossed and Gun Blued by our Master Gunsmith. Damascus steel has the distinct privilege of being considered the highest grade of steel. This putter has 3/4 toe hang and half offset. yes, extremelely consistent when you can repeatedly hit them off the sweet spot :-) Ultimately, this putter sweepstakes was won by another Odyssey. Stephen 3 years ago They are sexy Italian putters. Blade Material: Damascus Steel Blade Pattern: Fire Damascus Handle Length: approx 4.75 inches Handle Material: Stag Horn Damascus Steel Bolsters File Work on Spine of blade Layers: 270 Hardness: 58 to 60 HRC Knife Weight: approx 8.6 oz Comes with genuine leather designed sheath. This beauty features a black oxide finish, deep milled face, tri sole, screw neck and sight bead. NEW COLUMN, NEED YOU! Rare Machine Damascus M10 Fixer Putter / 009 Dh89 Dale / 33 / Cs Center Shaft. Is it consistent? December is finally here and it's time for our yea. Debuting in 2005 with the Billet Block Copper (BBC) putters, the 009 design has been used sparingly for Tour only putters. This cover has a magnetic inclosure with fur lining. Metallurgy and chemistry serve as a basis for the composition and the multiple applications necessary for steel production and use. With pronounced bands and whirling patterns throughout, this ultrahard steel came to be known as Damascus steel. 0 bids. S$ … This is our upcoming SpitFire putter in Damascus Steel. These elements change properties when the steel is work hardened (forged), creating the patterns. If only they were all that cheap. Face Balanced When the shaft of the putter is balanced on the finger the face points toward the sky and runs parallel to the ground. Beyond damascus patterning is the topic of creating figures within the damascus steel. Side of Herringbone Stainless Damascus Block. If your looking to spice up your current Machine try replacing your old Medallion with this beautiful Titanium Damascus medallion. Italian Quality! These pics are amazing. Dear Abby - Should I break up with my gamer? That is what damascus looks like when it is etched. Lots of confidence and love the set-up. Stallgatan 9 SE-815 76, Söderfors Office: +46 293 306 00 Random Stainless Damascus Blocks. Another week has passed, and we're getting closer . [quote name='gnicolls' timestamp='1297998677' post='2988626'] Torched Damascus Medallion with Machine Logo. @PXG Nobody makes golf club the way we do. PXG SPITFIRE Damascus Putter Black 35" SuperStroke Pistol Grip RH Limited!! Head Weight: 361 Grams Ocean Wave Damascus Medallion with MACHINE Engraved. Meticulously crafted from the finest materials, every Scotty Cameron putter is a work of art designed to perform at the highest level. Odyssey had on display a very rare and limited putter made for the Japanese market named the Damascus Grand Limited Putter. Scotty Cameron SS Newport Beach w/ UST Frequency Filter and Rosemark Thorn grip, My cousin was there when they debuted the Damascus 009, there were people openly weeping from the opening of the music. The Hosel is a Half Shaft Offset Stubby Plumbers Neck. Milled from a solid block of Damascus Steel this very rare Byron Morgan DH89 is a real stunner. True Damascus patterns are formed when carbon trace elements form visible swirls in the steel mix. Putter is 35" and near mint condition, no dings or dents. I have a buddy who is a blacksmith, asked him to make me a hunk of damascus for a putter project. The Racing Stripes pattern on the flange just makes this one of a kind mallet a true work of art. It is made from Damascus Steel, known for its strength, texture and a distinct stripe pattern. This is brand new and never used. Period! Description Putter Specs This gorgeous Olson Classic is made entirely of Soft Carbon Steel with a Damascus Steel inlay. This is brand new and never used. Pxg Bat Attack Putter 34. Actually etched....then black oxided. Custom Pin striping engraving and adjustable weights in the sole. Damascus Steel Knife Coloring Process.