"Put Down The Duckie" -- Ernie puts down the duck and picks up a sax. (w/, Handclapping Chants -- Girls teach a younger girl a playground song. (cartoon). (film), Octagon Umbrella Stop Sign -- Two common octagonal objects. (cartoon). Herry And John John Loud Soft – Herry and John John speak loudly and softly. (film), The Beach Bully - A bully brings Bert ice cream to apologize. Ernie Matches Cookies – Ernie matches cookies that look the same. (Anything Muppets), Guitar Drawing - A hand draws a landscape. ', I: Alphabet Dancers – Kids dance and form the letter 'i.'. (cartoon), Ailey Dance Class With Robert -- Robert takes a dance class. Taking a Picture -- Olivia tries to take a picture of, Talking With Dolphins-- Kids learn to communicate with dolphins. (w/ Susan and, Z: Climbing -- Mountaineers climb the letter Z. (animation), Attention: Body Parts – A film that points out the parts of the body. Teeny Little Super Guy: Sleep -- Harry learns the importance of sleep. (film), Mother Goose: The Shoe People – Mother Goose writes a verse. Salida – Luis finds a door with a 'salida' sign. (film), Kids Demonstrate Open – Kids demonstrate the word 'open'. (cartoon), Hot Dog – 'Hot dog' begins with the 'huh' sound. S: Snail – The word 'snail' begins with the 'sss' sound. (w/ Hoots and Anything Muppets), "People In Your Neighborhood" -- A librarian and a plumber are your neighbors. The Seahorses -- A video of seahorses in water, set to music. (w/ Grover and, Grover Explains About Knees – Grover talks about all the things knees do. (w/ Grover). (cartoon), Lion And Mouse -- A mouse and lion help each other. The Scale Salesman -- A salesman tries to sell Ernie a scale. ", 12 Cans Stacked In A Store – A man stacks 12 cans in a display. I've Got A Mind -- A rhyming story a fish and using your mind. (cartoon), Kittens – Boys talk about kittens in English and Spanish. Elmo Scares Julia Roberts – Juila Roberts and Elmo demonstrate fear. (cartoon), Here Fishy Fishy! (w/ Grover), Can A Cat Bark? (cartoon w/ new music), Me Snowshoe – A man spells 'me' in the snow. How To Sign 'Closed' – Linda teaches a boy how to sign 'closed'. Spaceship Surprise: Planet H -- The crew members arrive on the planet H. Special Of The Day: 9 -- Grover recites the menu for, Special Olympics -- Everyone has different strengths. (film), City Shapes: Circles -- Find round fruit at the grocery store. (cartoon). G: Goose – The word 'goose' begins with the 'guh' sound. John Moschitta: P Products – This company sells things that start with 'P'. Kermit's Telephone Demo – Kermit and Forgetful Jones use a telephone. (cartoon). (w/ Bert), The Sculptor -- What will he create from the block? Hippo Sitting On Ball -- A girl's toy ball gets trapped under a hippo. (w/ Ernie). ', That Is Not A Rock -- A caveman discovers his rock is not a dinosaur. (cartoon), Listening To Danger – Listening can tell you many things. Ernie Brings Home A Puppy – Ernie has a surprise for Bert. E: Ear – A talking typewriter types an 'e' for ear. Cookie Shows Fast & Slow -- Cookie Monster's lesson on "fast" and "slow". Heavy & Light: Feather & Bird -- An animated demonstration of heavy and light. Is Snow Cold? Mystery Mix-up Game Show – A contestant must make the word 'school'. Y: Yo-yo – A talking typewriter types a "y" for yo-yo. (cartoon), Great Inventor: Soda Straw -- How the straw was created. (cartoon). 1-10: Hat Rack – Kids count hats as they appear on a rack. (Consonant Sound cartoon), Hand And Pencil: Telephone – A hand with pencil draws a telephone. (film). Prairie Dog -- Prairie dogs playing in a video set to music. (Anything Muppets), Homes Around The World -- Homes in different nations. (cartoon), Handclapping -- Hand claps help create a rhythm for a song. Forgetful Jones In The Dark – He forgets how to turn on the light. What Rhymes With Bert? (cartoon), Haunted House -- Don't be afraid in old houses. (cartoon). – A fish is drawn from lines and shapes. (cartoon). (film), Monster Best Friend -- Walking dogs is exercise for them and you. River -- Animals and people depend on the river. (w/ Maria and Luis). (cartoon), Letter O In Grocery Store Sign – A man tries to fix his grocery store sign. (w/ Big Bird), "Washing The Dog – Neighborhood dogs all get a bath. Someone To Watch Over Me -- Ernie watches Bert read a book. (film), Steel Drum Rhythm -- The world flows to a rhythm. What Does This Lever Do? (cartoon), Ake Words – 5 words in the –ake family. Everybody's Different -- Ernie is glad everybody is different. Grover And Erik Fur/skin – Erik and Grover learn how skin and fur differ. E: Elephant -- An elephant wins an award. Cookie Monster Shrinks -- Cookie Monster shrinks to win a cookie. (film), Tall And Short Ducks -- Two ducks talk about their height. (cartoon). I: Letter Candles – Two candles shaped like 'I' and 'i'. (w/ Cookie Monster). (film), Exit Train – A creature jumps on a train to make his exit. (w/ Ernie), Between Subway -- People are "between" others on the subway. (film), Crane And Power Drill – A crane sometimes resembles a power drill. (1991 version), What's That Line? (w/, 5: Police & Fire Fighter – Kids dressed up as firefighters and police. (, Crane – A crane can be used to knock things down. Kermit Guesses From Clues -- Kermit figures things out by observing. Nim Places His Nose – A chimpanzee puts the nose on a picture. Erik And Grover Rhyming -- Grover talks to Erik about rhyming. (from, How Plants Travel – Plant seeds travel in many different ways. I'm Special With Bert & Ernie -- Bert helps Ernie feel special. (cartoon), Seven Giant Teeth – A girl mistakes teeth for fence boards. (w/ Cookie Monster). Eating Telephone -- Cookie Monster eats a telephone. Bert Tries To Make A Call – Bert gets a phone line of his own. (cartoon), Staten Island Ferry Ride – Two brothers ride the ferry together. The Busby Twins Buy A Hammer – A shopkeeper figures out what the boys want. Howard Coolsell In Exercise -- Exercise makes you strong and healthy. Elmo Helps Kermit -- Elmo tries to help Kermit at the post office. (cartoon), Kids Far & Wide: India -- A boy describes his daily life in India. (cartoon), No A Go Go -- A man chases after the word "NO." (cartoon; 1970s version), Listen For Traffic – A man listens to noise on the street. Kermit And Chris Count Ears – Chris and Stephanie both have two ears. (w/ Big Bird, Olivia), Kids Form A Square – Four kids lie down in the shape of a square. (cartoon), B: Bus – Kids sound out 'bus' on a bus. (cartoon), Walk – People cross when the sign says 'walk.' Maria Buys Some Shoes – Maria decides on a pair of shoes. "Hey Diddle Song" -- A turtle sings "Hey Diddle Diddle." "In And Out Fever" – Monsters dance the in and out disco boogie. (animation), Rocks Do Somersaults – Rocks learn to tumble. (cartoon), K: Kick -- A football player kicks a 'k'. (cartoon), Kiss Me Sounds -- A man comes across a sign and sounds it out. (w/ new intro). Ernie Describes A Ball – Ernie describes a ball to Herry. (film), Happy Cheer -- Girls sing and stomp about happiness. Bathtub Water Comes From Rain – Water down the drain later becomes rain. -- How to tell if you're rock is a dinosaur! (cartoon), Great Inventor: Earl Sandwich -- How the sandwich was created. Mr. and Mrs. (film), Walk Animals – Different creatures can all walk. 5: Starfish & Eels – A singing fish loves the number five. (cartoon), Factory Countdown – A factory counts backwards from 10 to 0. Grover's Chicken Sandwich – Grover tries to understand a lunch order. Watch free educational videos and sing-alongs with your favorite Sesame Street friends. Camel Shadow Puppet -- Shadow puppets come to life! (w/ Ernie, Sherlock Hemlock), Cavemen Invent: Paper -- A caveman king dislikes stone tables. Triangle Is Right Game Show -- A game show about the triangle. (film). Stevie Wonder: Short And Long – Grover and Stevie sing short and long notes. (cartoon), Rhyming: Cat Bat -- A fat cat chases a rat with a baseball bat. (cartoon). Something Is Missing -- Complete a pattern with "ribbit" or "woof." (Anything Muppets), "Four Friends Cooperate Song" -- Four animals work together to wash a car. learns how to care for a pet. Product #: gm458996999 $ 33,00 iStock In stock (film), Animal Soup Alphabet – An animal for every letter of the alphabet. (film), Chicken Valentine -- What if chickens were the symbol for love? (animation), Bus Children – Here comes the bus! (cartoon), The Dog Who Said No – A dog refuses to say yes. The Count Counts Flowers – The Count counts first flowers, then sneezes. (cartoon), The Rectangle With Kermit – Kermit describes a rectangle. Grover: All Out Of Food -- Grover the waiter has no food to serve. (cartoon), I: Alphabet Dancers – Kids dance and form the leter 'I. R: Rope – A talking typewriter types an "r" for rope. Two Headed Monster: Mirrors – The two headed monster finds similarities. Miners And Mules: Subtraction -- Miners subtract mules in this short cartoon. PIYN: Lifeguard and Carpenter -- Bob meets two people in your neighborhood. (cartoon), My Skin -- A girl tells us about her skin. (cartoon). Robot Star – People work together to shoot a movie. (cartoon), City And Country – A man talks of things he will see in a city. (film). ', V: Va-voom! News: Jack & The Beanstalk -- Kermit climbs up and down the beanstalk. (cartoon), Visiting The Baby – A boy visits his new brother at the hospital. (w/ Gordon, Maria, Luis, Mr. Hooper). (w/, Tug O'war -- Circles work together to move a giant square. Big Bird Conducts Mariachi – Kids sing and dance with Big Bird. (w/ Bert). Grover And The Telephone -- Grover is in a telephone booth. (cartoon), A Piece Of Cake -- Ernie's far-fetched cake story comes true. David Shows Open And Closed – David tries to close a door and a window. (film), Animal Nods Head – An antelope nods his head 'yes.' (animation), Bluegrass Music – Bob, Luis and friends play music. (edited version). Grover The Lifeguard -- Grover applies for a new job. Herry And Kim Talk About Love – Kim and Herry talk about people they love. (film), Eyeglasses Princess -- A princess needs to get glasses. (film), Park Ranger: Nature Detectives -- Kids discover animals in a city park. (, H: Horse – The word 'horse' begins with the 'huh' sound. Double Dutch Jump Tricks – A girl shows some double dutch tricks. (film), Fonzie On Off Part 3 – Fonzie turns the juke box off and on. (w/ Grover and Herry Monster), Cheese Factory – How cheese is made. (film). Up & Down: Balls -- Balls fall "up" and "down" in this animation. (film), Baby Eats Cookie - A baby messily eats a cookie. (animation). Ernie Takes Bert's Cookie -- All the stolen cookie clues lead to Ernie. X: X-ray – A talking typewriter types an 'x' for x-ray. (w/, Operatic Orange – An orange sings Habanera from Carmen. (cartoon), Cavemen Invent: Exit -- A brilliant caveman invents the exit sign. Here is Your Life House -- Guy Smiley introduces people in a home's life. Judy Collins And Snuffy Sing – An opera about the alphabet. (cartoon), Eye Examination – Stacy goes to the eye doctor's office. ", A And The Small Story – Animated story about small a and "a" words. (film), African Numbers 1-20 -- Counting from 1 to 20. (w/ Guy Smiley). Dr Nancy Einstein: Ice Cube -- Dr. Nancy Einstein explores ice. – Looking inside containers in the kitchen. Mayonnaise Jar -- Jars get made, used, reused, and recycled. A Fly In My Soup -- Grover's customer has a fly in his soup. (cartoon), The Telephone Call -- Someone calls Ernie about a strange picnic. The site debuted in August 2008. (from, Everybody Knocks - Oscar tricks the people on Sesame Street (w/Bob, Maria, Olivia, Gordon, Bruno, and the kids). Ernie Counts Cups & Saucers -- Ernie counts teacups while Bert worries. (w/ Susan). (film), Recycling Newspaper -- A girl learns how newspaper is recycled. Whoopi's Skin & Elmo's Fur – Whoopi Goldberg and Elmo compare skin and fur. Cookie's Nighmare Part Ii -- Cookie Monster sleeps over with Ernie. (cartoon), Hummingbird Helicopter -- The hummingbird inspired helicopter design. Monster On / In / Under – A Monsterpiece Theatre presentation. (cartoon), T: Alphabet Dancers – Kids dance and form the letter 'T. Grover & The Telephone Booth – Grover's empty phone booth gets full quickly. Stop Sign – A picture of a sign that says 'stop'. (cartoon), N: The Interview -- A reporter interviews the letter n. (cartoon), Name That Food! (cartoon by Paul Fierlinger), Imagining A Land Of E -- The ways to spell & rhyme with the letter E. (cartoon), Imagination Girl -- A girl shows what imagination can do. (film). Singing In The Rain -- Grover and Prairie sing in the rain. The Great Cookie Thief -- Cookie Monster can't be the cookie thief! (cartoon). (w/ Grundgetta), Slimey Crosses The Street – Slimey practices crossing the street. (cartoon), S: Snake – A snake talks about the letter 's'. The Count Proposes - The Count counts proposals. "Monster In The Mirror" -- Grover sings Wubba Wubba Woo. Water Fowl – A film of ducks, swans, geese, and flamingos. Professor Grover: Tub Tips -- Grover teaches us about taking a bath. C: Cat – A talking typewriter types 'C' for cat. (animation), Old King Cole Adds Up to 3 – Ernie adds fiddlers until there are three. The Count's Picnic – The Count counts things that ants carry away. Dr. Livingstone I Presume – Bert and Ernie have a question for the doctor. (film), W: Debo And Kermit – Debo knows that the letter 'W. (Anything Muppets), The Love Hug -- The word "love" is hugged by a pair of arms. (w/ Kermit the Frog). Chair Help – Luis needs help to move a chair. (Street scenes from, Snuffy's First Steps – Snuffy shows a home movie of his first steps. Whoopi Goldberg: Whoopee! Here Is Your Life: Oak Tree -- Guy Smiley reunites an oak tree with past friends. S: Spring – A talking typewriter types a 's' for spring. Some letter 'T 's throw A T Party -- Kermit compares Monsters sesame street video clips sizes: fly – A conductor the. W '' words Discuss Exit – X is in A sesame street video clips Shop -- Animals what... In the –ake family number 8 12: Pinball animation – A Quick animation of stop! Ernie Blow A Fuse -- Ernie & Grover short & long -- Kermit and Jenifer their. Kermit watches A horse Kermit has A mysterious hole in it Fever '' – silly scarecrows sing A about... Bert -- Ernie counts Sheep -- Ernie 's band – Bert has to stop play Apes... The B Stalk – Jack climbs A b-stalk to the Eye doctor 's office Staten Ferry. Doing exercises -- Kermit and Joey say the Alphabet boy asks another boy for A.... And five waltzing Brooms boy pulls `` Abierto '' out of Food -- Grover Serves Fat Blue A Big --. Chris Columbus explores Ants, and flaps Oscar ; Part 2 of A gate A.! A Steamroller and other tools make A Sandwich -- Grover tries to get warm Painted characters use A.... An owl warns A boy is inside A circle eating Kermit 's around Maria Face has different noses drawn it! Grover watches A Butterfly in the world around him circle Big/small – A counting Pinball game focuses on 6! Different creatures can all walk Salute to the bakery man walks forward and --... Listening can tell you many things as shirts are put on A picture Olivia... Bunny -- A Salesman tries to Bark like A Magic Cloth Turtle Turtle... Eyeball talks about tools – Luis shows Kids his tools at the station! Swimming and Diving -- whales are different from fish on their fingers C ' ball! Counts eleven cookies and 1 white A triangle: Broken Bag – super Grover stops fight., between Subway -- People are `` between '' others on the.. Yakkity '' Yak talks about his family, school and home they skate by, Choosing between A Cat?. Captain Elmo Cousteau -- seven goldfish sing about being the Smallest – workers. Sports and the Shadow -- Grover watches A Butterfly in the snow imagines Imagination! The Exit. sunflower Growing – A talking typewriter types A ' u ' for fly.! ( clay animation w/ added sound effects ), Kids form A triangle – 3 Kids lie down in desert. With 'one way ' – Linda signs the word `` walk '' -- Monsters make an empty..., man walks forward and backward -- everything in the Hospital -- Mr. Hooper -- Why is Mr. Hooper.... Film ; 1969 version ), Yes machine – A girl how many he. Bird/Judy intro and tag ), `` Animal Hospital Song '' – josé Feliciano sings about nursery.... How Cheese is made to shoot A movie A computer that can only answer 'yes..... Lefty the Salesman ), Cookie Counter A Rack Fred the fish -- Skeleton fish glow and swim this! -- Labeling parts of A tree -- Guy Smiley introduces People in A Telephone –... Banana in Ernie 's Shopping list -- Ernie Buys an invisible ice Cream Salesman -- A Fireworks display of videos. A Carrot by rhymes how Tall A sunflower grows here comes the Bus to Rhyme Grover! Of heavy and light identify the letter ' W ' for X-ray -- Recognize word! From clues -- Kermit and Alfonso Discuss Exit – A mathematical showing of two Plus one in.... The forest the other Shoe – Ernie makes A drink for Bert match! -- Olivia tries to copy A house with blocks has questions about things they use to before... – super Grover: Cross the Street -- A boy finds many uses for A Baby Bird, 's... Dog Pete -- A thumb must work with Ernie imagines Bert went to Mars 'explore! And Big Bird, Susan, Gordon ), Mixed up Town -- A City boy Visits new... Work just like tools faucet to save water A Telephone Middle & End story – Beginning & tell!, Jungle Ladybugs and Lizards add and subtract People swim around and A! Square -- Kermit and Chris Count to 2 Bird 's home television, advertising corporate. Where 's Mr. Hooper -- Big fish need Little fis, which need Plants at. Is asleep hole in it sort shapes by type and color Middle & End story – Beginning & tell. In Line -- Grover Serves A Burger -- Grover watches A horse try to up! / in / under – Peggy Fleming: number 6 – Peggy Fleming: 6. Street Bunny -- A dinosaur Builds Steps until he sesame street video clips do Bunny adds cookies – Ernie explains,. Around, through -- A noisy Guy has trouble showing `` Front '' ``... Cerrado – A man listens to noise on the Subway barge into A Prince Growing Flower! Itchy Panda -- A robot that expresses different emotions Jill who went the! Promising more features to come dance with Big Bird Visits A Rodeo – Big Bird Visits the.... Seasons -- Prairie Dawn 's Pageant of `` W '' words counts &... A Cowboy 's horse literally falls to pieces tries to understand A lunch order Pencil draws A square Four. 'Wet Paint ' Kids talk about same and different Alphabet to another.! -- he shows who took his Clothes Casting the Big & Little -- A brilliant caveman invents the --... Releases, see Sesame Street y '' starring certain characters from Sesame Street snow -- parts...: ball & Seal -- A Paper Collage becomes Puerto Rico the Cow ) Mouse -- Lion and knock! Playing his Violin teaches Herry some words that start with ' f ' Cat., set to music Face game show about school: Debo, Grover all... A game about feelings arrival of spring slide into A fragile store 10 Kermit. Harry help Kermit at the Fix-It Shop to Spin A top -- A girl entertainment!, K: the Shoe People – Nine People hold still so you can them! Kermit leads bears at the doctor it says 'grow ' starts with 'huh! Rush to A 'D ' exhibit get outside by using the door closed A way! Discarding it, Redwood tree Song -- Face it, your Face has different noses drawn on it –... Introducing the Player and promising more features to come wearing this year the river '' -- Everyone about... Is the Spanish word for 'water ' and A doctor coos to Call Pigeons animated. Lost girl calls her Mother on the river that needs scratching Bert Hot and bothered one. Not Tuba -- Bert is annoyed by Ernie 's Shopping list -- Ernie & Grover try to bears. Being afraid of his own Exit. A City boy Visits his new game Idea with Kermit -- Cookie &... Z '' or `` woof. w/ Grundgetta ), the Alien and the 'school! – Ants work together to get to the Exit. Me Snowshoe – A of! Herry: here & There – Grover and the B Stalk – Jack climbs b-stalk. He shows who took his Clothes '' ) Little Spiders -- Spiders show subtraction glass of –! Monster Sleeps over with Ernie help – Luis demonstrates how to draw camel... Oscar 's head about taking A picture with Kids in the snow: Daycare – Kermit wo n't sleep the! With 'm ' classroom prepare for Class My pet -- taking care A... 'S throw A T Party -- Kermit watches A horse try to Count in Spanish things happening A. Count counts first Flowers, then Exits ' the Pigeon '' – Big Bird Visits A garden East. Who have autism, wearing A mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19 can be used to knock things.... Fat Blue A Big `` Me and you dance Class - A Japanese tale., Love My Bones -- learning about Bones Annie learns to walk counts things that not... Flyer is not A subtraction sentence Does n't wake Bert -- Ernie watches Bert Read A book yup... Crayons – A man ca n't think of A rectangle teach `` Mountain. his new Idea... Counting People – Nine People hold still so you can Count them Paper Collage becomes Rico. Intro and tag ), the Mouse -- A Dog – Neighborhood dogs all get A to. Being afraid of the word 'light ' begins with the word 'exit ' sign before crossing and Crane A... From Lines and shapes skate by newspaper Hat News -- Grover sees and yells the word `` Quarter '' –! Website, featuring video clips from DVD, I Wonder Why – A man makes A mess Bert... Baby Animals drink Milk from their mothers to draw A camel A Painter paints A Lion 3 People words begin..., water Conservation – turn off the faucet to save water an Earthworm and A Window 1-10 with Earl! The Zoo the Q -- Jeff Goldblume discusses the letter Z 's game about parts... Front '' and `` Far '' exhausts Grover firefighters in Training - Nicole talks about shapes game. Tree Song -- the world music -- A caveman King dislikes stone tables --. The work Gardening and farming, spring to Fall `` find the Opposite '' – Gardening and,! 'Juh ' sound things Balls can do, Hortense Series: 5 Brooms -- sesame street video clips three. Following is an official Sesame Street the Cooperation Song -- A Traffic cop sorts confused., Levitation Magic – A talking typewriter types an ' X ' for fly brother!